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There is a unique treatment plan individually created for everyone and every issue.  


-Trying naturally 

-Using Clomid and/or IUI

-Considering or in the process of IVF

-Unexplained infertility

-Elevated FSH levels

-Multiple miscarriages



Your specific diagnosis, if you have one, will play a considerable role in directing treatment, as will any Western medical treatments.   

The basic principle of Chinese medicine is to increase circulation to the reproductive system, which results in a beneficial cascade of positive effects.

Physically, you will notice menstrual cycle changes, shifting to a more standard and ideal one, often quite quickly.

Many women with irregular cycles immediately notice improved regularity. Women with painful ovulations or menstruations experience less pain.   Women with weak menses will notice increased flow and women with heavy menses will notice a reduction.  The key word is always balance.  

This restored balance, over time, results in a healthier cycle. Stronger LH surges, larger follicles, and better temperatures with BBT.   


Each phase of the cycle is dependent upon the health of the other, so we identify problem areas and focus treatment there. 


Acupuncture, and a hands-on, wholistic approach with personalized diet, lifestyle suggestions, and an understanding listener will all help to free you from the powerlessness, frustration, and built up stress.

Together, we work to transform the pressure of the monthly goal into a more relaxed process of healing and renewed optimism. This, in turn, helps you get into an optimal state for pregnancy.

Depending on your needs, acupuncture will be recommended 1-2 times a week during the first menstrual cycle. After that, the plan will be made based on your response to acupuncture.   Any economic or time constraints will be considered, and treatment will be adjusted to fit into your life in the most comfortable way possible.     


I'm afraid of needles/does acupuncture hurt?


It does not feel like any injection or other needle you have had. These incredibly thin needles create a strange pressure that many people describe in many different ways. It is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.


It does not hurt. That being said, it is not without a superficial sting or two.  


Some people simply love acupuncture and fall asleep while being needled. Others, get used to it, continuing treatment because they appreciate the resulting relaxation and effects.  

I always say to give it at least 2 tries to see if the benefit outweighs the nervousness.  I am incredibly gentle and accommodating to any fears and there is a lot of communication the first few sessions.  

People who have experienced acupuncture from various practitioners describe me as a "happy-medium" strength  acupuncturist.  There are many acupuncturists that feel like almost nothing and then there are some that are very challenging with a great deal of stimulation.  I aim for the middle.

It is not a massage, and most people find it challenging to consider acupuncture.  But I have found through personal experience, that that which is easiest to accept is not always the most powerful of treatments.

In the end, you will be shocked at how little it hurts and exhilarated to discover what Qi (chi) flow feels like.     

What is your success rate?

A very simple question, but a very complicated answer.  This is because each woman approaches me with an entirely different diagnosis and treatment.  When you add in the Western medical treatments, it easily becomes a confusing batch of data.

From natural, to herbally-supported IUIs, IVF cycles with ICSI, progesterone suppositories, adding Clomid, metformin or TSH to the mix half way through treatment, etc.  

My focus through this easy or complicated process is to support each woman personally, physically and mentally, helping them get pregnant.   

If I count up my clients from the last 5 years who completed a minimum of 6 months of treatment (ART and Natural) I have a 76% success rate.  

How much do you charge, Do you direct bill?

Price is 65$ for an hour (this hour is spent with my entire focus being on you and not multiple clients) I keep my prices low to allow fertility clients to see me as much as they can and because I do work out of my home which keeps costs low. 


I do not direct bill.  However, I do email a receipt after treatment with all the required information that you can use for health spending account reimbursement.


When should I start treatment based on my menstrual cycle or with IVF?

Anytime.  Once we get started we can discuss the particulars but until then, there is no perfect time.


"I started seeing Michaela after seriously trying to get pregnant for 2 years. My husband and I had done all the tests requested by fertility Doctors and we were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility."  My first visit with Michaela was a breath of fresh air, she knew exactly what I was going through and seemed to understand what my body and my mind needed more than any Doctor could have. My husband and I chose to start with the IUI process, with hopes this would work rather than having to try the more expensive IVF procedures.  I also choose not to take the medication prescribed by the Doctors at the Fertility clinic, to keep our pregnancy  as natural as possible. We started the acupuncture therapy with Michaela, following her and my schedule along with her prescribed herbs I was pregnant on my third try of IUI. I truly believe that without Michaela we would not have our two beautiful children.... yes two!! The acupuncture seemed to have  aligned my body and my cycle up so well I was able to get pregnant for a second time, all on my own, 10 months after our son was born.  We now have a very healthy boy and baby girl and give so much thanks to Michaela for all her support."


- Coral Jarvis  

"After struggling with infertility for almost 5 years and trying everything under the sun to get pregnant, I found out about Michaela through a friend of a friend. I had done acupuncture in the past to try and help with my unexplained infertility but no one else that I saw was as thorough and really took the time to help me. Her prices were also the best out of all the other places I had gone to. Every session we would sit down and talk about my health and how I was feeling that day and she would come up with the best personalized acupuncture treatment for me that session. I went to see here at least twice a week while going through my IVF treatment. She was amazing! She had IVF mediation tapes that I listened to while getting my treatments and was very well informed about the best acupuncture points to treat infertility as well as what foods and supplements I could use to help aid in my journey. I ended up getting pregnant on my first IVF cycle and I truly believe that the acupuncture made a huge difference! I now have a beautiful baby boy thanks to her help. I recommend going to see Michaela to everyone I know who has struggled with infertility and will be going back again once I do my FET."


- Rebecca Levy

"I credit Michaela for being a part of my success story with my son.  I tried IVF 3 times before coming to see her, I think her acupuncture and listening to the meditation programs helped me successfully conceive that last and final time.  My son is my world and I do not know what I would do without him, so I thank her so much for her help and emotional strength throughout my journey."   


-Christy Compte


"I came to Michaela during my struggle with infertility. I met her when I was discouraged, stressed out and hopeless. Her appointments were a highlight in my journey, and I always left them feeling relaxed and most of all hopeful. She is very knowledgeable and amazing at what she does and I truly believe that thanks to her help, I am now a mother of a beautiful baby boy!"


-Shannon Bailey


" I went to see Michaela after struggling with almost ten years of infertility. There were factors with both my Husband and myself that contributed with being unable to conceive. One Fall we felt like if we are ever going to really give conceiving a shot we should try to do absolutely every thing we could to make it happen, and if it didn't work, we could accept it was never going to happen.

I found Michaela online, and was nervous to meet her. She was immediately welcoming, peaceful and pleasing to be around, and I knew I was in good hands. She supported me through my fallopian procedure as well as helping me calculate my cycle. She was also emotionally supportive, and able to be sensitive to my struggles and the trauma that follows infertility. After 2 cycles of fertility acupuncture with Michaela, combined with all our other changes, I was able to conceive. I found in Michaela, support, a wealth of knowledge, and a friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility."


-Thea McDougal

Call, message, text or email to discuss your history.  From there I will present a plan that I think works for you.  Feel free to call and interview me over the phone, with questions and concerns. No pressure to book an appointment.  I love talking about acupuncture and fertility!

(780) 886-7786

Downtown Red Deer
(Contact for address)


Feel free to share your history and medical treatment up until now with any questions you may have about your treatment and pricing.


Mondays 10am-8pm

Thursday: 10am - 8pm

Weekend is an option if needed​


Michaela is an experienced practitioner, providing Traditional Chinese Medical treatment in Alberta for over 10 years.

She regularly attends fertility seminars and symposiums, bringing the most up to date, safe, and effective treatments that Chinese Medicine has to offer.

Her many years dedicated to supporting health and fertility have allowed her to develop a compassionate and knowledgable approach to supporting you through your journey.



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